Re: how high would you stack them?

Richard Knoppow

If these are all about the same width you could make a rack cabinet with shelves. Open front and back with a little space above each unit for ventilation. Might be that there are shelving items at Home Depot that could be used like side pieces with holes for the clips to hole the shelves. Its worth a look anyway. It would be more stable than just stacking. I know about having more stuff than you have room for.

On 11/2/2018 1:01 PM, Dave Daniel wrote:
For many years I had a stack of the following sitting at one end of my bench. From bottom to top:
HP 8660D signal generator
HP 8556B spec an (both sections)
Tektronix TM-5006A, fully loaded
HP 3456A precision voltmeter
Heathkit GC-1000 clock
These were in a single stack on a very heavy wooden/laminated bench top which sat on two steel 3-drawer pedestals I bought from Global Industries.
I had no support problems and no heat dissipation problems.
I have also had two 7000-series ‘scopes stacked with no problems, but I always worried about knocking the top off because there is no way to have them interlocked.
Richard Knoppow

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