Re: 425 Mil vertical module needed....seeking

Fabio Trevisan

Hi Jack,

The google translations are perfect, both in Portuguese and Spanish. Only the expression "mileage" in Portuguese and in Spanish are not usually used for anything else than vehicles.
For the strict meaning of "usage", we just say "uso" (which is the exact translation of usage).

In view of the answer from Dinos (thanks Dinos for correcting my assumptions), the contact with this seller in Brazil may not yield anything fruitful, as this guy seem to be a lonely wolf (he doesn't seem to have anything else than this 455 parts... and since the parts differ from the AN/USM 425 that you have, those parts probably aren't interchangeable with yours.

But Bert already chimed in that he has a NOS 465M module... so I think you already have a good lead.

About Tektronix, vs anything else... I also have mixed feelings about it... In my first job in the 80s, most of the scopes were Philips and I loved them... and we had one Tek 465 which I was never comfortable to work with.
I found back then that arrangement of the time base knobs clumsy and awkward to use, and that the lack of an ALT delayed time base was really a big weakness... and I still think it was... I really don't know how Tek got away with selling so well the 46x line with that useless "Mix" mode, when they had earlier designs which already had the "ALT" time base.
To some extent, some of that awkwardness in using the Tek scopes have disappeared as I became used to its "User Interface", and I learnt also to appreciate that many of those features that I took for granted on the Philips scopes were actually invented and appeared first on some Tek scope many years before (which I didn't know back then).
Today I own a Tek 7623A with 3 plugins, and a jap scope, a 60MHz triple trace Kenwood scope... And I like both very much. The Kenwood is very powerful for its relatively simple design (there are no double sided PCBs!).

Wish you luck with your 465M



On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 06:22 PM, Jack wrote:
Hi...and thanks for the offer towards the end of your letter Fabio...I sent
in what I presume to be the correct 'slot', {Ou pergunte ao
vendedor...Escreva uma pergunta... }

this as follows:

Hi I need a vertical Amplifier (complete module) for a Tektronix M you have a low mileage; unit? My Regards Tony,.....

Hola, necesito un amplificador vertical (módulo completo) para un Tektronix
M 425 ... ¿tiene poco kilometraje? ¿unidad? Mis saludos Tony, goldmort @

Oi eu preciso de um amplificador vertical (módulo completo) para um
Tektronix M 425 .... você tem uma baixa quilometragem; unidade? Meus
Tony, goldmort @ onthenet,

Hopefully the Google translations do not see him lying on the ground
laughing and crying at the same time!!

Warm Regards Fabio

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From: Bert Haskins
Sent: Thursday, November 1, 2018 6:30 AM
Subject: Re: [TekScopes] 425 Mil vertical module needed....seeking

On 10/31/2018 11:56 AM, Fabio Trevisan wrote:
Hello Jack,

What you refer to as 425 Mil is, for correctness sake, a 465M or an AN/USM
It confused me at first, as I didn't recall there was ever a 425
For what I know, the 465M is electronically similar to the civilian 465
(but even at electronic diagram level, there ARE differences), but, for
the sake of assemblies or sub-assemblies, they're essentially two
completely different oscilloscopes (i.e the boards are physically

As mentioned on this ( page of the
TekWiki website, the 465M is more similar to the civilian 455, than it is
to the 465.
I can't really tell by how much they are similar, but you may be able to
compare them by yourself by looking at the service manuals of both, which
are available on the TekWiki website.
The page for the civilian 455 is here:

I don't know much of either (455 or 465M) but, coincidentally, there's a
seller on a Brazilian auction site, selling the modules of a Tektronix

I can't tell how similar those modules are (to your 465M) and if they can
serve as parts donors, but if you find out that they may help, you can try
to contact the seller, or I can help you with the purchase and shipping of
the module (or the parts) to your location, for their advertised cost and
shipping expenses to your place.

Note: I have no affiliation with the seller (and don't even know if I know
them, since the auction site only reveals the seller after you purchase
the item).

I normally wouldn't even make this offer, as shipping from Brazil is
usually prohibitive and the parts are not even mine... But since you're so
far away down under, I think that shipping from anywhere will be just as

Please let me know if you want my help, or maybe some other folks in the
group will chime.



On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 06:52 PM, Jack wrote:

Hi. I'm a new member finding my way. I bought a lot of Tektronix scopes
the services when with Defence during Vietnam era and visited Tektonix at
North Ryde (NSW)
to see about repairs to (I think it's a 564) I still have....still not
I guess after having a new very high voltage insulated transformer wound
CRT filament...two actually, the other must be around "somewhere". I
developed a healthy fear of Tektronic CRO's owing to the prices Tektronix
charged for repairs..

I have a 425 Mil with broken Vertical section It's
Whilst I could sooner or later find a parts CRO, sight unseen on eBay for
example, it may also be on the way out. I think the plastic used in
may be the lowest quality amongst high quality devices , or maybe they
specify 'shall be or a type formula and manufacture which will maintain
utility until the end of time'

I was directed to your group (Hi...there) . To get to the essential point
Would some person have a reasonably low mileage vertical module,
which I could buy? Please advise me if so....Australia would be best of
but 'anywhere'. undo some confusion...I've been told 425 and
465 are
"intrinsically" the same CRO...obviously without the Mil labelling... .
that mean parts are interchangeable?

One reason I ask is that I was also told that the 425 being Military
and Mil Spec was built to be readily pulled down for field repairs. Is
true?...Is that a quality the 465 does not replicate? if so it may mean
...just as an example...the vertical amp module from a 465 may have some
mounting differences from the 425.

On the other hand it may not. Perhaps someone familiar with this type
bring me to a state of awareness even wisdom regarding my CRO. ...oh...
than having one channel down it seems to work ok and 'oh' again...when I
originally pulled it down a piece of curved springy metal fell out.
Whence it
exactly originated I have no idea...'somewhere inside'. .It may be a
of maintaining the case at frame potential, under pressure as one
the perhaps it 'jammed' between a plate on the chassis and the
bottom cover. It could have come from elsewhere or it might not be from
CRO at all.....That said, Im pretty sure I saw an exploded view one time
this curved metal piece as shown hanging in mid-air underneath the
Have I been able to find that particular exploded view again (that was 3
ago)...of course not!!

Any passing of knowledge wisdom common sense mindfulness and most of all
perhaps a complete vertical amplifier will be very well received.
I have a 465M vertical module I bought as a backup.
NOS but not tested within the last five years or more.



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