Re: P6105 Probe

Phillip Potter

Being a retired teacher, might I suggest an "old school" pink eraser?  They have no grit.


On 10/28/2018 9:12 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:
You are going the wrong way. You want an eraser
that has no abrasive. Typing erasers are full of

The white plastic erasers, such as Sanford's Magic
Rub, or Staedtler's Mars-Plastic.

-Chuck Harris

Jeff Urban wrote:
Would a typing eraser work ?

I didn't want to just try anything, who knows it could be silver plated. If a typing eraser will do the trick I'll find one. Years ago I wouldn't be caught dead without one. I also cut them with a knife sometimes at an angle so that it has support, at least going one way. There should be no problem carving it into the proper shape or this.


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