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IF you do need to remove the knobs, I have found that applying some heat from a hot air gun will allow you to pull the knobs off without breaking the internal tabs. I use a hot air rework gun with a small nozzle and set to 100 degrees C.


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Chuck is 100% correct. DO NOT REMOVE THE BEZEL to move the blue filter (installing or removing). Bezel removal requires pulling the knob covers off the knobs below the screen. This requires skill to do without breaking the tiny fingers that hold the knobs in place. Besides, it is a nightmare to install the blue filter when the bezel is disassembled because the bezel spring cant be properly compressed when the bezel is removed. Removing/installing the blue filter is trivial unless something is broken. Here is the explanation again:
The blue filter is precisely as wide as the screen bezel opening and slightly taller. There are slots at the top of the screen and the bottom. The slot at the top has a small bent metal spring and the slot at the bottom is about 2-3 millimeters deep with nothing at the bottom. To install the blue filter you simply place the top edge of the filter against the screen and slide it up against the spring. A slight upward force with your finger tips is enough to compress the spring and let the filter slide upward. Your fingers can then press the filter against the screen and it will drop into the slot at the bottom. If this doesn't work there is dirt or something in the slots. Find out why it doesn't work before setting out to "fix" anything.

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No, I am not only talking about removal.

Unless you are working with something way different than the
2465, 2465A, or 2465B, what I said applies to both removal and
installation of the blue filter.

The clear implosion filter is a whole different kettle of
fish, and its careless removal usually results in breaking the
knobs under the CRT when you remove them to remove the bezel...

-Chuck Harris

Craig Cramb wrote:
Installing requires removal of front and carefully installed so finger prints don’t make display dirty. I think Chuck is only talking about removal ,but why not remove the front and not take risk about cracking or scratches to plastic display.

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What am I missing?


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