Re: the blue filter slot on 244* scopes

Chuck Harris

The trick.

The filter goes inside of the bezel lips, right tight against the clear
plastic implosion protection screen.

It slides up into a slot and a waiting spring, inside of the top lip
of the bezel, and the combination of gravity and spring pressure holds
it into a shallow groove along the inside of the bottom lip, of the bezel.

To remove the filter, take your fingers, and put some big finger prints
on the center of the filter, as you use your finger's friction to slide
the filter up into the groove with the retaining spring.

While the filter is in the up position, slip a fingernail under the
bottom edge of the filter and pull it towards you... If you don't have
fingernails, stick a business card under the filter's bottom edge, and
then release it. Pull the business card out, and the filter will come
with it.

-Chuck Harris

John Ferguson via Groups.Io wrote:

I have 2 2445B's and a 2465. They have moulded-in grooves in the top of the bezel,
but not slots. It appears that the only way I can put a blue filter on one of my
scopes is to remove the bezel and install it from the inside.

What am I missing?


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