Re: TDS3032 Loosing its GPIB Address

David Kuhn

Hello again Hakan,

Hey, sorry to revisit this again. I just order one “brand new”, from China,
$38.29/shipping. I am supposed to have it sometime next month (Nov ‘18).
I’ll have to post if I’m successful . It looks like a lot of work to pull
the board out to replace the chip. Hopefully, I don’t break it. In
September, I did buy another used TDS3032, from Alltest, in NJ, for $1500
with a NIST cert, and a six month warranty. It works perfect and matches my
tired one perfectly.

I may just buy that Siglent I was thinking of for about $400/NIST cert to
play with and see if I can get a software work-around for the pulse width
measurement reference levels. It is probably fine for the rest of my data
collection work. It is so good looking and sexy for the price - lol.


On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 5:12 PM zenith5106 <hahi@...> wrote:

If you mean Tek P/N I have no idea, if you mean the Dallas number, yes it
is DS1742W-150


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