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Dave Wise

Further study of the catalogs suggests that they never did retool. In 1967, some instruments with plastic trim went "limited demand" without pictures; others simply dropped the trim. As far as I can tell, the hole stayed the same size. It's possible that the BNC was switched from square four-screw mount to round flange and single large rear retention nut. If I remember to, I will study my plugins when I'm at home this weekend.

Dave Wise
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Subject: Re: [TekScopes] Type G plugin versions

Wow- my G is s/s 9934, so it's just after the change. Strange that they didn't change the sheet metal right away.

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According to the later manual Type G switched from UHF (131-012) to BNC (131-277) at S/N 9480. No idea in which year that was.

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 08:17 PM, Dave Wise wrote:

I don't know the G serial number at which Tek switched from UHF to BNC*, but
the 1962 catalog shows UHF while 1963 is BNC**. I think I have a newer manual
at home, I'll try to remember to look.

There was a mod kit for converting instruments in the field. I have at least
one modded scope and plugin. Yours too, most likely, as Tek would not have
sold instruments with such an obvious bodge.

Dave Wise

* For what it's worth, the 535A mainframe switched at 31260.
** Some old models were not updated.

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