Re: Tektronix 067-0625-00 Peak to Peak Detector Battery

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

That is really neat! Apparently available in Australia and NZ. But so far no luck finding in the UK or

I'll try out my solution and report back what the result is.


Hello Craig

I've recently had to replace the original 1.35v mercury batteries in my 067-0625-00. I used 1.5v
A1PX-BP1 batteries. Readily available and they are an exact fit - but you do need to have the
supplier spot weld tags on to them for soldering. I got mine from my local 'Battery World' store,
you can get them from various online suppliers, such as 'Battery Direct'

I've put two photos of my device with the new batteries ( both wrapped in black tape to reduce the
chance of shorting) in the album 'Tektronix 067-0625-00 Peak to Peak Detector Battery'. I also
had to
replace the 50ohm input resistor in mine as a previous owner had broken this trying to remove the RF
input section (contrary to the instructions in the manual).

Mine seems to work OK now, but I haven't yet checked it right out to 500 MHz.


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