Re: Tektronix 067-0625-00 Peak to Peak Detector Battery

Kerry Burns

Hello Craig

I've recently had to replace the original 1.35v mercury batteries in my 067-0625-00. I used 1.5v alkaline A1PX-BP1 batteries. Readily available and they are an exact fit - but you do need to have the battery supplier spot weld tags on to them for soldering. I got mine from my local 'Battery World' store, but you can get them from various online suppliers, such as 'Battery Direct' (

I've put two photos of my device with the new batteries ( both wrapped in black tape to reduce the chance of shorting) in the album 'Tektronix 067-0625-00 Peak to Peak Detector Battery'. I also had to replace the 50ohm input resistor in mine as a previous owner had broken this trying to remove the RF input section (contrary to the instructions in the manual).

Mine seems to work OK now, but I haven't yet checked it right out to 500 MHz.


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