Re: Type G plugin versions

Dave Wise

I don't know the G serial number at which Tek switched from UHF to BNC*, but the 1962 catalog shows UHF while 1963 is BNC**. I think I have a newer manual at home, I'll try to remember to look.

There was a mod kit for converting instruments in the field. I have at least one modded scope and plugin. Yours too, most likely, as Tek would not have sold instruments with such an obvious bodge.

Dave Wise

* For what it's worth, the 535A mainframe switched at 31260.
** Some old models were not updated.
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On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 10:21 AM, Dave Seiter wrote:
My G (serial number just under 10K) has holes in the front panel for the
original connectors, but is loaded with BNCs which look factory installed.
Anyone know when this transition took place?
My G also has BNC connectors. If it's anything like the other 500 series equipment, I think the transition was in the mid-to-late 1960s. My 535A has factory-fitted BNCs as well.


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