Type G plugin versions


For a while I've been looking for a differential amplifier plugin for my 535A scope. While I really want a Z, W or 1A5, I couldn't resist a type G plugin at a great price locally. It was missing a knob and one valve but otherwise in great shape.

While getting it working, I've found that it's very different from what's documented in the manual available on TekWiki for the 53/54G. My plugin contains four 12AU6s, two 6AK5s and a 12AT7, as do the ones in the photos on TekWiki. The schematic in the manual, however, has two 12AU6s and three 12AT7s. The front panels are the same, though.


What's going on here? Were there two versions of the plugin? I'd like to find the right manual for the plugin I've got.


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