Re: 2445A calibration

John Ferguson

After seeing a tip here on a 2465 for sale for $50 plus shipping, I bought it.  It was advertised as having a bad horizontal switch - it had been dropped on it.  Well they were right, it was bad.  I was able to get a replacement panel for it complete with all the controls for $37 IIRC.  Now it works great.  A few years back I bought a 2445B on which everything worked except the parametric functions.  I thought it would be good to buy another 2445B for parts. When it came, everything on it worked except Channel 1 which was very noisy - turned out to have a fried attentuator.

At this point, I decided it might be good to have one of them calibrated.  I sent the one needing a new attenuator to one of our members who does this sort of thing, and had the PS recapped, the A-5 Board smt caps replaced and the NVRAM replaced with a socket and a FRAM. It came back really nice with a great trace and everything working. I now have a certain to be good 2445b, a 2445b which can be used manually and seems pretty good, and the 2465 which also seems ok.

This is nuts.

I need to get rid of at least one of these, but can't bring myself to part with them.


On 10/23/18 3:49 PM, maxim.vlasov@... wrote:
Just wanted to ask your advice,

On the local auction someone put 2445a (exactly the same like mine) for the bargain price - 100 USD delivered. I wonder whether this is worth buying. Apart from a missing knob, the scope is an a good working order and calibration seems valid (no question marks at least). The seller seem to know about how to test the scope, since he put a picture with multiple traces showing different signals. Screen seems bright, sharp and not distorted.
I wonder, would you buy one more (even if you haven't planned this) for such a price?

P.S. If this auction would appear 2 weeks before, I would likely ditch mine that time, since the effort seem to be almost unfeasible.

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