TDS 3014 TDS 3000 scope Strange display "System Error " report, on BootUp, ... with no effect on scope function: repair of, or Clearing / Reset this Error Log ?


Tek TDS 3014 scope Boots up & passes all 8 self-tests , but reports a "System Error" in the Graphics System:
( The BootUp Self-Test passes everything, including 'Application modules' -- even though there are none inserted in the two upper right module compartments)

This scope *functions correctly* for all four channels, over its frequency & amplitude ranges.

"System Error
A System Error has Occurred.
Contact your Tektronix Service Center for Assistance."

" Number of Power Ups 179
Diagnostic Results:
Acquisition PASS
Display PASS
Front Pannel PASS
Disk Drive PASS
Application Modules PASS"

screen #3:
" Number of Power ups 179
Total Operating time 15753532 hrs.
System Errors 783
Breakdown by Sub System:

Acquisition: 0 CPU: 0 Display: 783 ROM: 0
Front Pannel: 0 I/O: 0 Disk Drive: 0

179: 21 0 34 Graphics 120:80:4140/120/ 0 "

a) Nothing mentioned in the screen#3 diagnostic about Application Modules.
b) The # of Runtime hours is way-off *anything* reasonable = > thousands of years (millions of hrs.);
would have 1st turned on ~ 1798 yrs. ago ! (not possible !)

Wondering if :
1) there might be a Boot up RAM or NVram battery (in the display section) that has gone south, providing faulty parameters ?
2) Missing Application Modules (compartments all empty) but retained Lic Codes previously transferred to the TDS 3014 by previous users ; causing the soft error ?
3) Runtime hours (millions) are completely unrealistic; only ~ 8760 hrs in a year !
4) Meaning of the System Diagnostic code: 179: 21 0 34 Graphics 120:80:4140/120/ 0 ??

-- Any way to do a 'hard reset' to cure this error ?
-- Any replacement Nvram battery possible, wherever that is ? ?
-- How to remove any Lic Code for a non-existent Application Module(s) { Or method of transfer it back to the Application Modules, if modules found ) ?

Other actual solutions ?


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