Re: THS720 to THS720A/THS720P Upgrade...


On Sat, Oct 20, 2018 at 05:05 AM, zenith5106 wrote:

According to the info I have the THS non-A and A are not compatible.

Thank you Håkan,

I see. So, since the connector has the 680x0 bus on it, likely the pod had the complete programmer putting the main THS CPU in the Hi-Z mode on the bus and taking the controls over the THS internals.
By analyzing the board of my THS720 and the schematics of THS720a, I could assume that likely the FW will work, but the external calibration routing will fail when checking the external trigger. I have no circuitry for the extenal trigger at all. The rest seems to be identical apart from quite a few common mode chokes.
Have anyone actually tried to boot the 1.14-1.16 FW on the THS710/720 scope?
As you say the legit tools wouldn't support this, however.

Thank you,


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