Re: THS720 to THS720A/THS720P Upgrade...


On Sat, Oct 20, 2018 at 10:59 AM, <maxim.vlasov@...> wrote:

I have THS720 and just wonder whether by a "not so simple" FW change THS720
could be upgraded to THS720A or THS720P?
I don't believe that Tek service guys had to unsolder anything to re-program the new
version of the FW.
All the original non-windows TDS's except the 200, 300 and 3000 series
had their F/W updated through the GPIB connector. To update the 300's
a special pod was connected to a connector on the main board. The other
end of the pod was connected to a PC with both GPIB and RS232. It was
powered by an 18 VAC adapter. The pod P/N was 067-1436-00.
The THS's used the same pod plus a cable adapter to connect to a connector
under the keyboard. To update a special DOS software in conjunction with
the F/W data files was used.

According to the info I have the THS non-A and A are not compatible.


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