Re: vintageTEK museum microfiche index

Vincent Trouilliez

Looking good !

I am glad I donated for the scanner funding... the museum is making good use of it and processing all that data really fast, and now even offers on request manual scans, and for a reasonable amount too.

I see that there is some modern semiconductor and even digital stuff, the most wanted TDS 300/400/500/600/700/800 series, greaaaaaat !
Though it looks like general family information rather than actual service manual for specific models. Maybe we will find the service manuals in the other half of the cabinet...

Can't wait for the index to be complete to see what's available... then another round on all those fiches to look into all the duplicates, put them together in the same place in the cabinet, see if they are indeed duplicates or if they have different or updated contents... then check every document one by one to figure out what type of content it contains exactly : service manual or user manual, calibration procedure and what not...

Lots of work ahead, but looking super promising already, very excited !! :-D

Vincent Trouilliez

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