Re: Tektronix 475 Possibly DM or other optional board ???

Jim Olson <v_12eng@...>

I have a listing for that board in the service manual I have it is an option 7 only main board for the B250000 and up 475 scopes. So if you need any specific parts #'s I can supply them.

Jim O

On October 19, 2018 at 6:46 PM Craig Cramb <@Manfromtrane mailto:@Manfromtrane > wrote:

Does anyone have the parts details on a A9 board possibly in a 475 series that calls out the Part #670-2239-24. All the 475 manuals I have stop at extension -12 and don't indicate this specific board extension -24. as to what is specific about it. This is a Tektronix built board replacement board in a package not out of a scope.


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