Re: Tek 2467B

Chuck Harris

Dallas/Maxim made a few variants of the 1225. The notable
themes are:

1) Speed, which is unimportant.
2) Temperature range, which is also probably unimportant to you.
3) Voltage tolerance, which is the whole ball game.

The two temperature ranges are: plain (0-70C), and IND (-40-+85C).
The two voltage tolerances are: +/-5% and +/-10%.
The available speeds are 70ns, 150ns, and 200ns.

Tektronix typically lets their 5V get kind of low in scopes,
and it centers around 4.9V on the A5 card. It is a really bad
thing if the DS1225 decides to go into power save too early,
as the CPU will keep on chugging well below a 5% drop. They
specify the temperature range for the scope to be: -15C- +55C.

I typically pick the IND temperature range, the 10% voltage
range, and the 150ns speed, so, I recommend:


The 200ns speed works just as well. The motorala data sheets shows
235ns would work, and I have used either with no issues.

Be safe, get it from Mouser, never ebay or Amazon. It is only $25
plus shipping.

-Chuck Harris

jmtfungus via Groups.Io wrote:

Just to confirm, a compatible NVRAM replacement for the 2467B (DS1225Y) is DS1225AD-150+? Thanks Jude

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