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Michael A. Terrell


are listed as alternate suppliers of NSN: 5935-00-599-8548

They made different connectors for various thickness of circuit boards, so the two EDAC parts may not be interchangeable.


Have you tried oiling the bearing in the existing fan?

Michael A. Terrell

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Hello all.

I have a few parts I am looking for if anyone wishes to sell to me (I am
in North Carolina) or can advise me the best options.

I have a TM504A with a cracked edge card connector. It says 131-1078-00
which I hear crosses to a EDAC 303-056-520-301 but the 303 series seems
to be obsolete. I can't see any difference between that and a
305-056-520-201.  Can I use that or would anyone like to sell me the
correct part?

I also wish to upgrade the noisy fan in the TM504A. It is a Whisper
WR2H1.  I wonder if mine is just worn out as the specs look decent
(72CFM, 37.6dBA).  Any ideas for a replacement? Looking at this one or
someone want to sell me one?

Lastly I am looking for some stacked pots, knobs that would look good on
a TM500 module for mods and repairs.
Pot stack 1 would have Pot 1 around 5K (10k would work) and Pot 2
between 100k and 500k (200k ideal). This is to add voltage and current
adjust to the fixed output on a PS503A. Need pot and knobs.

Pot 2 is to replace a broken pot in a PS501-1. Need 1K pot and knob.

Neither has to be for a 500 series, just small Mod Pot type and small
knob. I assume a junked 5000 or 7000 series module would work as well.

Thank you

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