Re: 2445A calibration

Chuck Harris

Digital computers were being programmed before Tektronix even
was founded. And, for more than 40 years before tektronix did much
with them. Their early computer endeavors used late manufacture
minicomputers... The PDP-11, for example, in the P<something> that
was the precursor to the 7854 DSO.

The knowledge was already there, multitasking realtime operating
systems were already there, "C" was already there. The discipline
known as software engineering was already well established.

They were even late to the party with microprocessors. What did they
do with 8008's?

The advent of the microprocessor was a late comer to the field of

-Chuck Harris

Tom Miller wrote:

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Well, I think they also taught themselves how to program.
Along with everyone else in the world. Microprocessors were brand new at that time
and we all started together.

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