Re: 2445A calibration


On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 10:55 AM, Raymond Domp Frank wrote:

A few days ago, I called you an optimist for intending to reverse engineer the
software but you've made great strides and I fully concur with Chuck that it
would be great if you found the time and motivation to take things further -
after getting through that little calibration job.
Chuck & Raymond,

Honestly I haven't planned to get so much involved into the scope repair and calibration "adventure". Hoped that it would be fast and easy. But turned out to be different. Tomorrow, I'll upload the first 32K of the ROM disassemble version -04. This ROM can be disassembled in 4 chunks 32K each. It would be interesting to understand how the work area is stiched in the presence of the ROM options.
I can't commit in continuing working on this project, but at least my little contribution could be used by someone as the stepping stone, like Chuck mentioned. Also wanted to thank you guys for the great help and a very interesting technical discussion. I'll calibrate my scope first and then have a look at 7D20, which also requires some attention, however 7D20 is more of an artifact, IMHO.

Thank you again,

All the Best,


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