Re: 2445A calibration


On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 07:03 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:

Two further points I would like to make:
A few times during your conversations, I was on the verge of suggesting to brainlessly follow the calibration instructions, no interpretation allowed and just doing it again from the start of the Calibration chapter until either everything was ok or it wasn't but you were sure you followed the instructions strictly and completely. I thought it too early for you to dive in and understand/map what was happening. It is more difficult to understand convoluted designs than sound, logical and straightforward ones and it doesn't take much to recognize that the 24X5A/B's firmware design has a bit of spaghetti in it.

Many of us have fallen into the trap that Chuck and I mentioned.

A few days ago, I called you an optimist for intending to reverse engineer the software but you've made great strides and I fully concur with Chuck that it would be great if you found the time and motivation to take things further - after getting through that little calibration job.


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