Re: Tek 2467B


Here's my optimistic view.

Imagine a scope that has not been calibrated in many years, last time was probably while it still was in its prime, and caps where up to spec, very little power supply ripple (within specs). Now move forward some years (or decades), during which the scope was ever calibrated again. This is probably the case of I would assume most recycled scopes sold on ebay, and I'll bet that its also the period during which the filter caps started to deteriorate. Wouldn't in this case recapping the power supplies, at least in theory, actually bring the scope back more towards correct calibration rather than worsening it? I understand there are many other factors to consider than the power supply caps, as it was pointed out earlier. But just for a minute and for the fun of it, lets consider this scenario only. And again, from a hobbyist perspective only.

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