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Harvey White

On Sun, 14 Oct 2018 20:27:56 -0700, you wrote:

Hi Harvey,

I have read some of that stuff before, but this is the first time that I heard changing a few caps could mess up the calibration. My pulse rate is back to normal now. lol
Think of all the cardio exercise you got.

If you don't recalibrate, you should at least check the calibration.

Tektronix made a number of pieces of equipment for calibration use,
the "newer" TM500 units work well, and the TM5000 units are likely the
latest ones they made specifically for calibration.

Once you get into some of their digital scopes, the manual calibration
seems to be less preferred, and they go into an automated cal setup.

I really love this scope and it has the Television/Video option that might come in handy some day, among other options. Plus it looks brand new inside; like it has spent 90% of it's life boxed up in a non-smokers closet. I'm going to study the schematics and see if I can figure something out. If there is a way, I'll find it.
Remember that on the MCP tubes, the life of the MCP is limited, so
avoid high intensity operation. Opinions do vary on this.

I was planning on getting a digital scope anyway. I'll just have to get one sooner than I had planned because I believe it's better to have both also. Thanks for the info.
Unless you're in the 2xxx series for digital, there are a number of
scopes in the TDS series. IIRC, the TDS5xx, 6xx had possible
capacitor problems. The TDS7xx series apparently did not. Those are
decent scopes (I have a TDS540A), but would like to have color.

I'd go for a color one with an LCD if possible, the older liquid
crystal shutter does work, but the interface gel dries out (google
TDS544 repair for sordid details).

Nonetheless, while I have both 7000 series, 24xx digital, and a
TDS540A, I find that I use the 7904 and the TDS about equally. One
does not necessarily replace the other.

Since I do digital stuff with FPGAs, I figured I'd need the bandwidth
(500 mhz, 4 channels). I have a logic analyzer to further work with
the high speed logic.


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