Re: Tek 2467B

Chuck Harris

No, I said both could affect calibration. It all has to do with
what shape the scope was in for the previous calibration.

If the sample and hold cap was a bit leaky the last time it was
calibrated, replacing it with a good cap will restore its operation
and now the voltages it creates will be higher, thus invalidating
the last calibration.

Similarly, if a filter cap was letting through excess ripple during
the last calibration, the power supply settings would be incorporate
that ripple. Replace the capacitors and the excess ripple would be
gone, but the voltage will change by the average of the ripple.

It might not be a great affect, but it will be measurable.

These things are major repairs, and the manual is quite clear about
major repairs calling for a new calibration.

-Chuck Harris

Michael A. Terrell wrote:

Chuck said that the Sample & Hold capacitor could affect calibration, not electrolytics.

Michael A. Terrell

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