Re: 2445A calibration

Tom Gardner

On 14/10/18 23:39, Raymond Domp Frank wrote:
On Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 03:08 PM, <maxim.vlasov@...> wrote:

Hi Maxim,

Hello Raymond,

I see the comment ;) Well we are not jailbreaking the new iPhone herein with
all the possible and impossible protection switched on ;))

Well, we can start it in a few ways.
I see that you're making progress. I have been using my Logic Analyzers (!) (Tek TLA715, HP16702B) recently in an effort to follow the instruction flow in an 80C186-based low-frequency spectrum analyzer (Stanford Scientific SR760). The out-of sequence/pipeline architecture makes that task a lot more difficult than when I was having fun using my HP 1615A logic analyzer while developing 6802 systems 30 years ago.
Good luck and have fun with this project!
Exactly. I remember, also exactly 30 years ago, having the same
problem with a 68020, and thinking it was a pain compared to
Z80s 6 years earlier.

In my case I was debugging a commercial RTOS, and found that
a parameter supplied to one RTOS call was mutated when it
reappeared later. Oh, the fun we had when we were young.

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