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It seems like the scope could make allowances or self correct
about something as simple as changing a few caps.
Hi Robert,
Yes, it would be nice if that was the case. Some of the newer scopes, and even some of the now 30 year old Tek 11000 series scopes can self-calibrate. But to understand why this was so difficult to do until 30 years ago would take a quite a lot of theory and study.

The fastest way for you to discover how difficult this is to do would be to get yourself a BSEE degree and then spend another 10+ years working in the electronic test equipment field. At that point I suspect that if I showed you your posts regarding how simple it SHOULD be to make a self-calibrating instrument you would laugh out loud.

It is easy to ask why isn't every instrument self-calibrating until you find out why it required new discoveries, thousands of patents, teams of brilliant people, and tens of thousands of man hours to figure out how to do this.

Why don't you see it everywhere? Tek figured out to make some of the 11000 series scopes self-calibrate over 30 years ago, but even 30 years later very few things in life are self-calibrating. Why is that?

Dennis Tillman W7PF

Dennis Tillman W7PF
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