Re: Tek 2467B

Michael A. Terrell

Chuck said that the Sample & Hold capacitor could affect calibration, not electrolytics.

Michael A. Terrell


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Hi Dennis,

I was hoping that I misread it... I'm just a hobbyist. If yall can't find a workaround, then I'm not even going to try. But the caps have to be replaced. I guess I'll just have to buy the equipment and learn how to calibrate my scope myself, or use it for target practice and chalk it up as a loss. It seems like the scope could make allowances or self correct about something as simple as changing a few caps.

I guess I should not have listened to Dave and just went digital from the beginning. I don't understand why changing a few caps would mess up the calibration - it doesn't make any sense to me. But I don't know much about working on scopes.

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