Re: 468 horizontal jitter


Hi, I am a new comer in the forum with little experience, but I have tried fixing various problems my old 465B had. It's channel 1 had jitter, the trace vertically changing position at random, by about half a division, with or without signal being applied. I could see edges of the rise or fall and the edges we're fast. I suspected a semiconductor device initially, but finally I traced the problem to vertical centering pot on vertical preamplifier board, a Bourns 3352. Replacing the pot cured the problem. In fact almost all other problems of the scope were traced to failed or failing pots of same family. I have replaced 11 pots so far, and 6 more are suspected on trigger generator board. Surprisingly, other brand pots are all fine. Do look around for failing pots. May be this is of some help for your problem.


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