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On Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 06:47 AM, Colin Herbert wrote:

Is this in store or non-store mode? I have seen horizontal jitter on my 468 in
storage mode and there is a thread on this forum where I asked about it. I
haven't had a definitive answer to this yet, though I have been suspecting the
caps in the A19 Time-base/Power supply board. I will be interested to see what
happens with your 468.

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I'm working on my second 468 and I noticed some horizontal jitter. There is no
jitter from the rear vert signal output. What does that mean? What I'm
wondering is what is being bypassed when looking at a wave form on another
scope through the rear output? Should I be looking somewhere in the CRT
circuit of the 468 for the cause of the jitter? The jitter is ALMOST
unnoticeable until 10x mag is turned on then its very pronounced.

Thanks guys

Its in non store,store and XY mode. I see 50mV of ripple on the emitter of Q560 when 10x mag is on along with 200mV spikes that coincide with the jitter I see.

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