Re: 2445A calibration

Chuck Harris

R618 adjusts a balance between the two output sections of the
vertical amplifier. It will affect the overall gain of the output
amplifier, somewhat.

C105 and 205 will affect the corner accuracy of the 1KHz calibration
waveform. They probably won't affect the overall CAL02 calibration.

It is good to do what they tell you to do. The code running in the
internal calibration routines is a black box, and I doubt anyone outside
of the tektronix engineers that wrote it knows exactly what it is doing.

-Chuck Harris

maxim.vlasov@... wrote:


Sorry for the typo:

not super symmetric: -1,236 for CCW and -1.265 for CW.
to be read as "not super symmetric: -1,236 for CCW and +1.265 for CW."

Also one more thing. Just realized that I have skipped the C105 and C205 adjustment together with R618. Could it cause the problem, what do you think?

Thanks again,


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