Re: 2465B SN 55xxx with TEST 05 FAIL 40


On Tue, 9 Oct 2018 at 22:20 <tekscopegroup@...> wrote:

I've been reading up on this A5 board bad caps situation and have found
similar good tips and information.
You should probably just change those SMD caps on sight. If you want to
conclusively trace the wandering traces to the DAC reference, you can do
that by measuring the 1.36 and -1.25 reference voltages on the A5 board.
Those should be spot-on and pure DC, if they wobble around as the traces
move, then you know the DAC reference is compromised.
If you don't see those wobble around with the traces, it means you have
other and/or additional problems.

It's also useful to measure those voltages after your repair to validate
that you've brought the DAC in spec.

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