Re: 7B53A seamless modification... Adding Alternate Delayed time base visualization (with trace separation)

Fabio Trevisan

Hello Hakan,

It occurred to me to google for "7B53A MOD178H" and look what came up...
This PDF (in TekWiki) not only includes the 178H, but also other mods to the 7B53A.
And the scan is very readable.

Upon further reading, I understood that it doesn't actually cripples the functionality of the x1-x10 (which would be silly), but moves this function to the "MIX" mode button (pull VAR control).
Indeed, the MIX mode loose its place and gets deleted, but anyone would agree that the MIX mode becomes completely obsolete when you have the Alternate time base functionality.
The mod then, uses the X1-X10 panel real estate to add a dual potentiometer, for the trace separation and also to control the intensity of the Dly'd sweep / Intensified portion (which is a really nice feature, but requires the addition of a dual potentiometer to the panel, which I don't think I can do, aesthetically speaking.
Therefore, I`ll probably make a mod of the mod, to implement its design as much as possible, but not adding the Dly'd Intensity control, and using the "Var" control for the trace separation, as it was my original plan.

Kindest Regards,


On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 05:41 PM, zenith5106 wrote:
That would be if someone else has better sheet. With mine it was impossible
to get a clear view even on the reader. Usually they are better than this.

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