Re: vintageTEK museum releases Replaceable Parts Registry (RPR)

Dave Brown

Based on requests we have scanned the 151- transistors and it is now on It is 762 pages.

We have been asked about OCRing the document. That would make it searchable but the experiments we have done with OCR on the RPR is there are just too many errors. Wrong part numbers would be worse than no OCR in my opinion. You would still have to find the part number manually to make sure. The part numbers are in numerical order so it is fairly easy to find the page for it. Reverse lookup of part numbers by instruments is more easily done with the service manual for that instrument.

I have the 366 and 311 on my to do list. Note this is about 8 hours of scanning if I counted the RPR cards correctly. It takes just over 2 hours to scan a single RPR card. It is mindless work.


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