Re: And the winner is my "new" 7A13! Was: 7K series - Conceptual question - What's the 3rd most useful plugin

Fabio Trevisan

Hi Dennis,

It's all your fault now... I followed your advice (quoted below) and I brought it home for just about 50 bucks (in 12 installments of about 5 bucks on the C.C.)

On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 09:17 PM, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:
Hi Fabio,
That is an excellent price for an extender. You absolute must get it.
They sell for $150 to $200 here in the US.
Congratulations on getting a 7A13. Be careful! This can be expensive
if you do not know when to stop.
So now, besides having that new 7A13, I`m owner of a working Flexible Extender 067-0616-00...
I`m amazed by its custom flexible cable, with all the embedded coax-cables.
It probably cost a lot of money back in the days... as it was a custom cable that probably never saw a very large volume fabrication to lower its unit cost.
It's in decent shape... no broken wires and the edge connector has all the pins and making good contacts.

Is it any good for Vertical Step response calibration? Up till what frequency it still retains good signal integrity / wave shape?



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