Re: Problems with recently un-stored 549

Sebastian Garcia

Thank you, Chip. For your version the available documents are clear.
I hope that more '549 owners could help on this, specially for other board versions (e.g., those with no R1185 on board).


Chip HazTek wrote:

My 549 has the 1965 PC board also, with R1185 present and accounted for. See,,,20,1,0,0 Sorry for the crap pic, naught but my phone available. The lighting did not show the R1185 label on the PCB so I added one.

Sebastian Garcia wrote:

Hi, I'd like to bring your attention to this other thread [1], where we are trying to gather information about the different versions of the '549 storage board, and any related documentation (other than the already available on TekWiki); e.g., for calibration purposes.

If you have a different board version and/or manual/s, it'd be greatly appreciated if you can upload it to TekWiki.

Thanks in advance,


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