Re: vintageTEK museum releases Replaceable Parts Registry (RPR)

Craig Sawyers

Totally agree with Dennis - this is an invaluable resource! Many thanks for making them available.


Hi Dave,
Thank you and the members of the vintageTEK museum for putting these extremely valuable
Replaceable Parts Registries (RPR) on line. When you need a hard to find part for your Tek
it may have been used in many other instruments. Knowing this increases your chances of finding the
part you need. You may even discover you have it in a parts donor on your shelf.
Dennis Tillman W7PF
vintageTEK has worked with Tektronix to obtain a release for the RPR.
We have scanned the most popular categories of of 120- (Transformers),
154- (Vacuum Tubes, i.e. CRTs), and 155- (Tek-Made ICs). The RPR
indicates by part number what instruments it was used in so is of
great value when searching for Tek-made components. Information is
available in the vintageTEK news at


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