Re: 500 tube scope : what is this compartment on top of fit ?

Leon Robinson

I is to store a small operators manual. Leon Robinson    K5JLR

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From: Vincent Trouilliez <vincent.trouilliez@...>

Hello everyone,

Just picked a 531A scope locally today, my first 500 series scope... I do have a little 310A and a 317, but this 531A is my first really BIG tube scope... quite a beast.  Front panel looks really crusty and off putting, but with patience and some elbow oil, I am hoping to bring it back to its former glory...

Sorry I digress.

I don't know much about these 500 scopes, so this 531A will teach me a lot I am sure, during the course of its future restoration.

The first thing that grabbed my attention is : at the top of the cabinet, near the carry handles, there is a little compartment with a spring loaded lid.
It's about the dimension of a wallet, and is very shallow, 10mm or so. It seems a bit too shallow to house a probe, so I am bit intrigued/curious : what was it meant to house ? I think I have seen this compartment on other 500 models, maybe they all have it, I don't know.

I just downloaded the manual from the TekWiki, well I only found the manual for the vanilla 531, not the 531A, but I am hoping it will do...
Anyway, I don't see this compartment mentioned in there.

So.. if anyone knows ?  It is so shallow, I think the only thing it might able to house, would be a little leaflet ? A small "getting started" user guide ? Some printed material of some kind... if so, is there a scanned version of it available somewhere, that I could print and put back into the scope, to add a bit more authenticity to it ?! :-)

Vincent Trouilliez

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