Re: TDS210, schematic and parts required.


On Sat, Sep 15, 2018 at 12:13 AM, Graham Butcher wrote:

While talking about the main board, there are at least 2 versions of this as I
have 3 of these TDS210 scopes and on a couple of main boards there is an
additional socket J203 which has nothing plugged into it according to the
service manual and yet the drawing in the expanded view of the scope clearly
shows this socket so it was added for a specific purpose, anyone know what
this is for? I suspect it was either a way of updating the firmware or a
diagnostic socket that the service dept used?
I have about 35 of these boards of the first generation and about half
of them work. All of them have the holes for J203 but only a few have a
socket there but don't know what it's for. With the first generation
I mean a board which uses a PROM in a socket for firmware. The second
generation had Flash ROM and was updated using a special interface
connected to the back where the I/O interface usually is connected.
So J203 is not for firmware update.

When a faulty scope came in for repair the board was replaced and the
faulty one was not returned to the factory. A common problem of these was broken
BNC connectors. They were soldered to the board with two pins. These pins
often broke. When this problem was acknowledged Tek redesigned the board using
BNC connectors with four pins. So when a scope came in with one more more broken
BNC's the board was replaced even though it was otherwise OK. As a true technician
I never throw anything away and that's why I have so many.


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