Re: Tek 7603 Followed Me Home

Kevin Wood G7BCS

Hi Bob,

Sounds like you're on the right track. Of course, it might make sense just
to replace the one cap until you know the condition of the rest of the
scope. I knew mine was good apart from the power supply ripple so knew the
investment in all those caps would be worthwhile.

It also "followed me" - back from a radio rally, by the way! I'm glad it
did. The nice large, bright CRT makes it a nice 'scope to work with.

Best Regards



Your recollection is right on.  The disassembly to the point where I can
actually get a capacitor can out is extensive.  I have a plastic bin
with about twenty screws and 3 or 4 plugin connectors hanging in
midair.  It's like a Pandora's box.  Hope it is not cursed or that I get
zapped along the way and that I can get it back together without left
over parts.

I am thinking I will just replace the one bad cap although I now
appreciate the comments about you really don't want to got back in
there.  My plan is to use a small vector board to make the negative
connections between the four pads on the power supply board.  This just
makes the connections more consistent with the other caps, and so there
are no undocumented jumpers on the power supply board.


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