Re: Tek 466 analog storage


On 2018-09-11 10:10 AM, EB4APL wrote:

There are three 466 manuals. If yours is the one named Tektronix 466
Service Manual (PDF, OCR)
<>, I can improve it
somewhat if you don't mind. I can number the pages to reflect the
original numbering and also I can add markers to point to the pages
listed in the Table of Contents. I always do that in my own equipment
manuals to easy the finding of schematics and alignment instructions.
It'll take quite time but I'll do it if anybody is interested.


Ignacio, EB4APL
Up to you. If you can do that with zero quality loss, please submit the
new version to TekWiki (I believe you can get an editor account from Kurt).

(I don't OCR anything myself, but if I recall correctly, a friend OCR'd
my scans and then I uploaded his version, so that file you mention is
probably based on mine.)


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