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There are three 466 manuals. If yours is the one named Tektronix 466 Service Manual (PDF, OCR) <>, I can improve it somewhat if you don't mind. I can number the pages to reflect the original numbering and also I can add markers to point to the pages listed in the Table of Contents. I always do that in my own equipment manuals to easy the finding of schematics and alignment instructions. It'll take quite time but I'll do it if anybody is interested.


Ignacio, EB4APL

El 03/09/2018 a las 18:32, toby@... escribió:
On 2018-09-03 11:16 AM, Roger Evans via Groups.Io wrote:
There is a very decent PDF manual at
That would be the one I scanned. I took a lot of care to make sure it's
clear -- if you find any problems, let me know, I still have the
original files and paper manual.


For serious fault finding I print off a few pages, sometimes as two
sheets stuck together, and make a note on these where to find other
schematics and layout pages. It looks like all the lower voltages get
their reference from the +65V that you will find just below the +140V
supply on schematic <11> Power Supply and Distribution. If all of your
lower voltages are off by the same fraction eg all low by 20% it could
just be that the +65V is off spec and everything else is OK. If you
want I can talk you through some of the stages but I am far from being
an expert and you will have to wait until after our holiday!

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