Re: 067-0587-01 Calibrator Fixture

Tomas Alori

I dont have another mainframe but I tried the calibrator on the horizontal slots with a timebase on the vertical slots and I dont see the decrease in separation when I increase the repetition rate. So it seems that the problem is somewhere in the vertical circuitry of the mainframe.

I cant see how this could be a bandwidth problem since I calculated a bandwidth of around 280Mhz on both vertical slots when using the pulse/risetime function. Also the gain function is pretty low frequency with a 1Mhz repetition rate. So it doesnt seem to be a bandwidth problem as far as I know. I guess it could be more of a frequency response problem?

I forgot to try your first suggestion (watching for changes in the observable rise time). I will try soon, but hopefully the information in this post can help. Thanks.

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