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Hi Dave,
I have to admit that I have not found a use for the 7A17 yet but I keep
thinking about it and maybe someday I will come up with a useful application
for it. The 7A17 was in the catalogs from 1972 until 1986 so somebody must
have been using them for something.

The 7A21N would be a close tie for the 7A17. It was in the catalogs from
1972 until 1979. It was used with the 500MHz 7904 when the 7904 was the
fastest 7000 scope. It boosted the bandwidth to over 1GHz by going direct to
the 8cm x 10 cm CRT's deflection plates. The combined sensitivity was 4V/Div
or 2V/Div differential. It was the only way to get to 1GHz until 1979 other
than the 519. It sure was a lot better than a 519 (10V/cm) with a tiny 2cm x
6cm screen. I did use the 7A21N for several weeks more as an experiment than
anything else. When the 7104 was introduced in 1979 it made the 7A21

I disagree about the 7A18 but that is probably because you haven't found the
right 7A18! There is a wonderful option for the 7A18 and the 7A18A. Option
06 gives it offset capability which comes in very handy in certain cases,
especially if you don't have a 7A13. The only other plugins to have offset
were the 7A11, 7A12, and a very rare version of the 7A15.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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most useful plugin

7A17, followed by 7A18 .... and just about all of the 7D series (stand
alone DMM and Counters generally do a better job)

On 9/7/2018 2:59 PM, EJP wrote:
Bonus question for extra points: what is the _least_ useful 7000 plugin?

For a long time I thought it must the 7D13 DMM, but now I have one
I've changed my mind :-)


Dennis Tillman W7PF
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