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Graham et all

While I appreciate the frustration at no longer being able to get schematics for the newer gear don't flatter yourself that as "hobbiest" that any large equipment corporation really  cares whether you buy a new piece of gear or not.  You (and I) as hobbiest living off the dumpster dregs are such a small portion of the total market as to not be relevant.  The evolution of the loss of schematics in newer gear/manuals was an evolutionary process, driven by many factors;

1) The "real" cost of printing a new service manual is much higher than you might expect and goes way beyond the hourly cost of the copy and printing room hourly employee. By the time you figure the buyers time to buy supplies, inventory carrying cost, overhead costs (FICA Taxes, health insurance, 401K contribution, vacation, sick leave, a piece of the copy room persons boss, and his boss and his bosses boss, HR person,etc ) the activity based costs for a 300 page page service manual can easily go beyond $250-$500 per copy. At $300 you would unlikely be willing to pay for a service manual for your TDS210 even if I could show you that is what it costs to produce it in today's dollars This is a very big reason why we don't at ArtekManuals produce hard copies of manuals we already have scanned, most people will live with a PDF for $15 before they will pay even a $100 for a good paper copy. The economics of this is why a large percentage of the  guys who were printing xerox copies 5 years ago (Manuals Plus, Your Manual Source, Etc) have hung up their aprons, they could make enough margin to cover the OH costs of just the warehouse alone let alone "production costs.

2) Next with the influx of custom IC's, 256pin gull wing packages and finally ball grid arrays the ability to repair a modern board goes beyond the talent of most all but a few of we mere mortals with our weller solder guns.

3) Then there was the case for protecting intellectual property. While not as big a factor in today's world, reverse engineering back in the 90's when this trend started was certainly aided by the full schematics.

You couple all of the above together plus a few more things and everyone in the meeting room where this was being discussed 30 years ago slammed their palm against the foreheads, muttered "duhhhh" under their breath and agreed to get out of the manual business.

Tried to work on your own car lately???? A dont forget to stop off on the way home from work tonight and buy the guy who runs the local TV repair shop a beer ...Oh wait you stopped taking your TV to the shop 30 years ago too and he went out of business

Flame suit on :-P


On 9/7/2018 2:06 PM, Graham Butcher wrote:
Oh, so they are doing an "Apple" on us then eh, denying us the right to repair our own property, I can understand it if its within warranty but once its no longer covered by warranty then we should have the right to be able to repair ourselves or take to someone who can repair it paying through the nose for it. Not only that but these things are now 30 years old and they don't to repair them, they want us to buy a new model from them, grrr

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No schematics because Tek wants all the service business for themselves,
and like Germans, think that no one in the world is smart enough to
understand their designs in order to service them themselves.

One Tek, or other manufacturers, stop service repair support for a product,
they should release the schematics.

I would love to have the schematics for a Agilent 11723B. They were almost
going to send me copies with an NDA, but at last minute said they would
evaluate it for only $300. Then they would decide witch board to replace.


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Yes I did try there and thats where I downloaded the user and service
manuals but it has no schematics (in fact it has a request just below the
tag for the manuals requesting schematics to be uploaded) It also of course
does not provide any linkage or reference to spare parts unless I missed



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