Re: TDS210, schematic and parts required.

Chuck Harris

Let's imagine that we live in a highly litigious society,
where patent trolls roam the streets of Silicon Valleys
everywhere looking for infringements of IP they control.

Now, let's imagine that you are an engineer at an Apple
or a Tektronix, trying to do your job designing new equipment.

Do you:

A) have the engineer spend all of his time searching the
files at patent offices world wide before he lays down
any circuitry, or software?

Or do you:

B) let him work, patent what he does that seems novel, and
don't hand out documentation for the patent trolls to
peruse looking for lawsuits they can win?

When the world was kinder, and there were fewer lawyers,
companies were a lot more open with their IP. Now, revealing
the circuitry on your circuit boards or inside of your chips,
or the algorithms in your source code for your firmware would
be the same as hanging out a "Please Sue Me!" sign.

Besides, the parts of this equipment that you can repair is
all stuff where the schematics and source code are of very
little use. Are you going to burn a new ASIC to fix your

For instance, I can just as easily replace a battery, or
a Flash RAM without any schematics at all.

-Chuck Harris

Graham Butcher wrote:

Oh, so they are doing an "Apple" on us then eh, denying us the right to repair our own property, I can understand it if its within warranty but once its no longer covered by warranty then we should have the right to be able to repair ourselves or take to someone who can repair it paying through the nose for it. Not only that but these things are now 30 years old and they don't to repair them, they want us to buy a new model from them, grrr


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