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Harvey White

On Fri, 7 Sep 2018 13:20:17 -0400, you wrote:

Ok, that would be a great improvement.
What does it do with the exhaust?
If it's the Metcal, the exhaust goes out a slit in the handle,
vertical, and near the bottom on the back. Not sure where else it
might go out, but partially blocking that port changes the noise
level, didn't try to measure the vacuum change on mine.

Mine was old, used, and running on the recommended 80 PSI. Wonder if
they mean 80 PSI when running, or 80 PSI static before running?

The manual says nothing here, but there's a significant difference
with my air compressor, at least 10-15 PSI.

They also don't seem to tell us the consumption in CFM.

I've got both types, starting to like the metcal better. One thing
that can be done is to add extra heat in the form of another soldering
pencil, may help with large heavy joints.


-Chuck Harris

EricJ via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Chuck,
This gun has the venturi right in the gun, not 4 inches from the tip. It's instant vacuum.
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