Re: 7K series - Conceptual question - What's the 3rd most useful plugin


On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 09:33 AM, Fabio Trevisan wrote:

Heyu guys,
Wow! I didn't expect **that much** emotional response in just two days.
I won`t be able to properly answer to all the suggestions, quoting every of
your remarks, so I`ll make an overall wrapup of what grasped more my

7A13: The number of you guys who mentioned it surprised me! I never gave any
serious thought to it, maybe because of its name... Comparator.

Thanks a lot for all of your inputs.
I`m happy that it triggered interesting discussions among you all and I`ll
keep reading.



Great thread I'm glad you started it. Now the 7A13 is on my next to find list also. Also a replacement probe for my 7A11.

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