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Hi Chuck,
This gun has the venturi right in the gun, not 4 inches from the tip. It's instant vacuum.
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The venturi systems I have seen, have the venturi pump in
the base station, and suck through a 1/4 inch hose that
goes from the base station to the handset.  The venturi
may have very little mass, and produce vacuum fairly
quickly, but it still has to suck air through the narrow
plastic hose that goes to the handset.

A diddly little vacuum pump, with a pressure regulator,
sucking on a vacuum receiver, and a solenoid valve in the
handset is simpler, lighter, and provides a much more
instantaneous vacuum, at the desoldering tip, than the
venturi systems I have seen.

-Chuck Harris

EricJ via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Chuck,
These desoldering irons use a venturi and compressed air to generate vacuum. They are instantly on at full volume flow as soon as the trigger is pulled. I agree with you that the pump setups are not that great.

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