Re: Desoldering Iron, was Re: [TekScopes] 466-464 stray wire


I already have a bunch of OK working desoldering stations.
What I was looking for is spending well more than what my car is worth
to upgrade them to something better.
My wishlist was a bit more thermal power, and a bit better quality so
the tips and heaters don't wear out as much, that's not asking much if
you are willing to spend 10 times the money.
This does _not_ mean I'm willing to accept severe trade-offs in other
areas, especially since I compare them to units that cost well under
$100 originally.

I just don't care if the Metcal works well, with that level of noise I
simply don't even need to unpack the power unit because I can never
use it.
It is obvious not only for me but everyone else I showed it to that
this level of noise is not only unacceptable but completely
unnecessary for function.

I think when I am willing to spend whatever is asked I am not paying
just for materials, I am also paying for engineering and I am paying
for the Metcal engineer to spend five minutes of his valueable time to
consider the noise level in his design and take simple steps to
mitigate it. That venturi generators need silencers is not a novel
concept, every pneumatics manufacturer that offers them (e.g. SMC) has
equipped his generators with integral silencers or appropriate
threaded exit ports and offers suitable silencers, not just a freaking
hole in a casting for the air to fart out.

While I am certain I can modify the guns to produce only a reasonable
amount of noise I just don't see why I should do that. It's fine that
I have to finish a $100 chinese Hakko knockoff myself, I expect that,
but if I pay top dollar I expect a finished product. (The Metcal gun
is now also made in China btw).

You guys are like "Yea sure you are test driving this BMW and they
forgot to put on an exhaust muffler, but who gives a damn if it rips
your eardrums out, it goes FAST, so just get over it and wear
headphones". This is _not_ _an_ _option_ for me. I'm just glad I
insisted on a demo unit instead of buying this thing outright.


On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 6:17 AM Pete Lancashire <xyzzypdx@...> wrote:

When I use my DS-1 yeah it's loud but it works it sucks solder out of
places very few others will such as my old boat anchors.

If the noise is excessive to you how about getting a little low-cost cheapy
like the hakko line powered one works pretty good on small stuff.

Think of it like having two soldering irons I metcal for the little stuff
and a big old hexacon for the old stuff

Or if it's too noisy wear headphones

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